Thursday, June 7, 2007

Why I like these 5 blogs among the nominated emerging influential blogs

Again, one of those busy busy mornings. A busy morning for me is when I cannot even spare half an hour reading the newspapers. But after rolling through the morning, I am now here at digitalfilipino looking at the nominated blogs for this year's emerging influential blogs: And because I love gossip at the highest and lowest level, here are my choices:

1. Cheezmizan with Chuva - I admire anyone who openly declares his interest in local movie gossip
2. Gibbs Cadiz - because he's gibbs cadiz
3. From the boondocks - traveling is an obsession of mine and I just love the not-so-common tourist destinations.
4. Trader Pinoy - unexpected humor in graphs and trading. Trading & economics not being within my area of expertise
5. MartialArts3000 - blogger just explains everthing about self-defense so well.

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