Sunday, April 29, 2012

Active living is the normal life to Dyan Castillejo

Multi-awarded TV sports host Dyan Castillejo is always on the go, this she admitted to 15 mom-bloggers in an open forum on healthy living held over the weekend and arranged by veggiecircle blogger who advocates healthy lifestyle practices.

Accompanied by her 9-year old son Matthew Garcia, Dyan met with the women bloggers with whom she shared tips on how to raise healthy children by feeding them healthy food and drinks and guiding them on active living.

“I didn’t know how to grow up but healthy because my parents reared me into it. My life is super regimented,” she said. Since her teen years, as soon as she woke up, she was always doing something, even when going out on dates.  She recalled that she would meet her then boyfriend (now her husband) while jogging and playing tennis. He lost 25 lbs. in their first three months of dating, Dyan said.

Describing her life as super-regimented, Dyan chafes at the thought of not doing anything because that is wasting time. When she's not covering sporting and adventure events, family bonding - more often, is marked by physical activities with her son and husband. “We bike, we exercise together. We go to church together. We have fun together,” she said.

It isn’t any wonder that her son is also into multiple activities - - football, tennis, student council, church choir. “I love what I’m doing. My mom asks me if I like to do something and if I do, she tells me to go for it,” Matthew piped in.
 Matthew (left) likes football because it's a team sports.
He endorses Whea-gee Chewables which combines the wonders of
wheatgrass and the benefits of colostrum in a chewable tablet form.

To keep up his energy, he takes Whea-gee Chewables which is good for boosting children’s immune system and cleansing their digestive tract.  He has been taking  it for the last four years and hardly gets sick, he confessed.

Active living being high on her agenda, Dyan carries seven bags in her car - - workout bag, liquid bag, for books, for cold and warm food. The liquid bag is for her Easy Pha-max wheatgrass powder drinks which she takes 10 times a day. “It’s the first drink I take upon waking up. When I drink wheatgrass, I know I feel well,” she said. 

Dyan’s parting words for the mom bloggers, “Whatever you grew up with, that becomes the normal thing.  Exposing your kids to the sporting lifestyle nurtures their team spirit and camaraderie.”
  Dyan (standing) is the Brand Ambassador for Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass.
She co-hosts "Sports Unlimited" with Marc Nelson, aired Saturdays on ABS-CBN.

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