Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Fashion Academy Manila teams up with Easy Pha-max

Fashion, in general, has always been about anything fabulous. 

How we’d like to be or look like in our clothes, hairstyles, shoes, eyewear, whatever-wear at whatever age we fall in.  

Recently in Makati, two innovative companies redefined fashion when they  inked a one-year partnership that pushes youth, fun and fitness to the very core of what we should all be.

The partnership is between The Fashion Academy Manila and Easy Pha-max Philippines which both agreed that youthful fun, fitness and being utterly sexy truly represent “Style, Wellness and Happy Brands.” The contract ends in December 2013.

Is this something like an in-your-face thing?  Not really, but it’s meant to grow into something livable and acceptable for everyone, said digital marketing specialist Eric Yam, who’s just been tasked to head the marketing department of Easy Pha-max Philippines. 

This is the first time that the country’s wheatgrass leader will use an institution as a Brand Ambassador, one that's hooked-up with one of the world's best-recognized brands in modeling and glamour.

“We’re happy that The Fashion Academy Manila has joined our stable of respected Brand Ambassadors and Brand Advocates,” Yam said. Company endorsers include fitness buff and sports broadcaster Dyan Castillejo, cosplay icons Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao, Lucky Manzano and Jocelyn Oxlade. 

“The Fashion Academy Manila (TFAM) is affiliated with an international franchise modelling agency Elite Model Management Manila that has produced the world’s top professional models like Gisele Bundchen, Naomi Campbell and Cindy Crawford, among many. Easy Pha-max is about healthy living and transforming lives for the young and old. Our new partnership celebrates fresh and fun lifestyle. It's about people - not just about one person – wanting to be physically fit, sexy and feeling young. The best way to spread this message is through these models who have the qualities that every one wants to have,” he continued. 
TFAM director of sales Cindy Arguelles - Lichauco and Elite Model Management Manila managing director Eughie Teng see their endorsement of wheatgrass and healthy living as very much in keeping with the school’s commitment to find a work-life balance for their models while helping them carve successful modelling careers.

The school's goal is simple. Make their family of young, ambition-driven modelling talents embrace glamour, fun and wellness in equal measures.

The Midas touch is promising for both of them, and 2012 isn't over yet.

About The Fashion Academy Manila (www.thefashionacademymanila.com)
TFAM is the first fashion school to offer a holistic and integrative approach to teaching in seven fashion tracks: Photography Academy, Modelling Academy, Makeup Academy, Hair Creatives Academy, Fashion Styling Academy, Personality Enhancement Academy, Celebrity Artist Lab. Trainors and mentors are among the top names in the local fashion industry - Joey Mead, Borge Aloba, Lee Figueroa-Roberto, Ian Dave Basa, J. Dennis Arceo, Niko Villegas, Alcs Porras, Binibining Pilipinas 2002 Karen Agustin-Ostrea and Xander Angeles.

TFAM is located at 3F A.Venue Mall, 5343 Makati Avenue, Makati City Philippines. They can be contacted at (632) 9097400/ 940-9312, 0917- 872-7875 / 0917-536-5483. 
FB: http://www.facebook.com/thefashionacademymanila

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The grass is greener in PH for Kitty Girl

She’s very pretty, one of the lovable faces in PH showbiz. Her Brit accent makes her even more appealing to her fans.
Many describe her as a dead ringer for Megan Fox and at certain angles, of Jessie J. 

So, what keeps former Kitty Girl lead singer Jocelyn Rose Oxlade busy and peppy these days?

Wil Time Big Time
This 24 year-old half Pinay, half-Brit hip hop singer is seen every Saturday singing and dancing on TV-5's Wil Time Big Time. She's also collaborating with some producers on her solo projects, including a solo album tentatively called Living Doll expected to be released in December this year.

Pretty soon, most likely in October, we’ll see her as Anne Curtis’ sosyalera and fashionista friend in Viva Film’s “Nothing Compares to You”.  The movie also stars another Brit-Pinoy, Derek Ramsey.

Owing to her unpredictable and frequent out-of-town engagements, she often wakes up at 5 a.m.  At other times, she only gets to sleep at sunrise. She admitted she's not used to smoky places, the late nights, the frenzied schedule of rehearsals and hosting gigs.
Impeccable hosting
"Anything I can do to benefit my health and the condition of my body, I’m game. I read on the Internet that drinking wheatgrass can increase your energy and stamina. I would see the Easy Pha-max wheatgrass kiosks in the malls making me all the more curious about it. I chose it because it’s a trusted one … with Super Brand recognition and other awards. I’ve been hooked on this green juice for over a year now,” she said.

Following dietitians’ advice, she drinks wheatgrass first thing in the morning for that immediate energy burst.
“The first time I drank it, I was expecting to at least catch a cold but the wheatgrass kept my energy up. I felt it also helped my voice stay in good condition. I like the honey-flavored one, it's not overly sweet. After drinking it, I feel refreshed and energized,” she cooed.

The best way to absorb its nutrients is when it’s taken on an empty stomach because it’s the only food that the colon is digesting at that time. Taking wheatgrass with a meal would interfere in the efficient absorption of its nutrients.

Born and raised in England, this Kitty Girl moved to the Philippines in 2005 after finishing her A-levels in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry. She wanted to know more about her mom’s Filipino heritage.

The close-knit Oxlades
Seven years later, Jocelyn has found her heart and fulfillment in the Philippines. And robust health. 

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

LBC's Super Baba Remittance, another win for Pinoy wage-earners

Planning to send money to your parents in the province?

Consider then "Super Baba Remittance" by LBC Express Inc., the Philippines' pioneer in money remittance.

Filipino wage-earners who regularly send money to their loved ones anywhere in the Philippines will now only pay pay P3.00 for every P100, as long as they use the Send and Swipe Card, powered by Visa and LBC Mobile Remit of LBC Remit Express.

EVP for Global Remittance Janet T. Ong described their 'Super Baba' campaign as the company's continuing efforts to make money transfers both affordable and convenient for all Filipinos.

Super Baba Remittance is not a promo, the executive clarified. The P3 for every P100 will be a regular service.

The Send and Swipe card can be used in any of the more than 9,500 Visa ATMs nationwide. Money can be also transferred and received using LBC Mobile Remit which will favor Filipinos who are known globally for being so text-savvy.

Founded in 1950 and tagged as the country's "Pambansang Padala", LBC Express is a global Filipino company with more than 1,000 branches nationwide and over 300 cash-in locations all over the world to service to service the needs of Filipino migrant workers and their loved ones in the country.

Visit www.lbcexpress.com for more info.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Pole dance your way to fitness & good abs

Kittens. Tigers. That’s how students at Polecats - the country's premier pole dancing group - are called.  

Last June 2 at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo (Quezon City), the Polecats Kittens and Tigers proudly showed their command of pole dancing and their sensuality while spinning around dance poles. 

They were performing at their recital billed Stellar 2.

Like their namesakes, the Polecats moved with strength, agility and stealth-like speed as they crawled up and down the dance poles and spun around like crazy.

These are the good and sexy results of attending at least eight weeks of classes, learning pole dancing moves like floorwork, grabs, holds, hooks, spins, ankle and feet climbs, slides, transitions.

The nimble moves become inevitable for many and especially for the young.
The not-so-young can do it as long as they don't let go of their aspirations for physical fitness or revive their sex appeal.

Stellar 2 was Polecats' second successive year of putting the spotlight on their students who rose to the challenge of  "pushing their limits beyond boundaries.” 

Perfect ballet split by Stellar 2 project head Mara Andres

It was about feeling healthy and being proud about themselves. Also hot and sexy (according to this blogger)!

(foreground, standing, center) Polecats founder Christina Dy

Stellar 2 performers - beginners, intermediate, professionals
A Polecats dance instructor, Margaret Jade Chua Lao
Polecats is located at Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. St. in the Ortigas central business district.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Active living is the normal life to Dyan Castillejo

Multi-awarded TV sports host Dyan Castillejo is always on the go, this she admitted to 15 mom-bloggers in an open forum on healthy living held over the weekend and arranged by veggiecircle blogger who advocates healthy lifestyle practices.

Accompanied by her 9-year old son Matthew Garcia, Dyan met with the women bloggers with whom she shared tips on how to raise healthy children by feeding them healthy food and drinks and guiding them on active living.

“I didn’t know how to grow up but healthy because my parents reared me into it. My life is super regimented,” she said. Since her teen years, as soon as she woke up, she was always doing something, even when going out on dates.  She recalled that she would meet her then boyfriend (now her husband) while jogging and playing tennis. He lost 25 lbs. in their first three months of dating, Dyan said.

Describing her life as super-regimented, Dyan chafes at the thought of not doing anything because that is wasting time. When she's not covering sporting and adventure events, family bonding - more often, is marked by physical activities with her son and husband. “We bike, we exercise together. We go to church together. We have fun together,” she said.

It isn’t any wonder that her son is also into multiple activities - - football, tennis, student council, church choir. “I love what I’m doing. My mom asks me if I like to do something and if I do, she tells me to go for it,” Matthew piped in.
 Matthew (left) likes football because it's a team sports.
He endorses Whea-gee Chewables which combines the wonders of
wheatgrass and the benefits of colostrum in a chewable tablet form.

To keep up his energy, he takes Whea-gee Chewables which is good for boosting children’s immune system and cleansing their digestive tract.  He has been taking  it for the last four years and hardly gets sick, he confessed.

Active living being high on her agenda, Dyan carries seven bags in her car - - workout bag, liquid bag, for books, for cold and warm food. The liquid bag is for her Easy Pha-max wheatgrass powder drinks which she takes 10 times a day. “It’s the first drink I take upon waking up. When I drink wheatgrass, I know I feel well,” she said. 

Dyan’s parting words for the mom bloggers, “Whatever you grew up with, that becomes the normal thing.  Exposing your kids to the sporting lifestyle nurtures their team spirit and camaraderie.”
  Dyan (standing) is the Brand Ambassador for Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass.
She co-hosts "Sports Unlimited" with Marc Nelson, aired Saturdays on ABS-CBN.

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Big summer volume discounts on wheatgrass products

It's summer. You want to earn extra money and conquer the heat at the same time.

If you consume in large quantities health supplements whose basic component is the alkaline-rich wheatgrass, or you know lots of people who buy health products, then here's good summer news for you.

The Bulk Discount Package by Easy Pha-max Philippines for regular wheatgrass buyers took effect last March 1 and it offers specific discounts for minimum purchases starting from P5,000 to P50,000. The discounts are computed from the SRP (suggested retail price).

The volume discounts are perfect for customers who buy for family/personal consumption or intend to start a health store business this summer, because in the end they buy at lower prices the Easy Pha-max products known for their premium quality, said company vice president Grace dela Rosa.

The minimum purchase required is P5,000 where the buyer gets a 15 percent discount for products of their choice. 

The markdowns are specific to their corresponding purchase requirements: 20 percent off  - P10,000 to P24,999; 25 percent off  - P25,000 to P49,000; 30 percent off -  P50,000 and above.

Grace clarified that consumers can avail themselves of the Bulk Discount Package only when they buy direct from the Easy Pha-max office or from its accredited distributors called Global Bio-Herbal Entrepreneurs. Consumers can also order online at www.wheatgrasscan.com.

Get more information about the discounts and the products by calling the consumer hotline 890-1111. Those living outside Metro Manila can call toll-free 1-800-10-8901111.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Wheatgrass rocks to this radio DJ

DJ George of pop/R&B station Wave 891(FM) shuns dependence on anything that doesn’t work.  Like medicines, even if prescribed.
In June 2011, the 38-year old radio DJ/voice talent/events host thought she was near death when she felt chest pains, couldn’t breathe and belched so bad.

Based on lab tests and images from a camera inserted down her throat, she was told she was suffering from gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD). Her ENT doctor prescribed a medicine which DJ George described as a proton inhibitor. (GERD is a condition in which food or liquid comes up from the stomach into the esophagus and can cause heartburn, nausea, chest pain and other symptoms.)

DJ George of WAVE 891 (FM), live on air Mondays to Thursdays 5pm-8pm and Fridays from 5am-8am.

“For three months, I was taking this expensive tablet but I didn’t feel any improvement in my throat,” she recalled.  “My stomach acids may have been addressed, yet I still felt a lump in my throat which was uncomfortable.” She spent those months sleeping in a semi-reclined position to avoid acid backing up into her throat that would cause the swelling. She was disappointed that her medicine didn’t address the problem of swelling. It only addressed the stomach acids by inhibiting their production.

A singer-friend (from an all-girl sing-and-dance group) suffering from hyperacidity told DJ George to try Easy Pha-max wheatgrass whose bus ads DJ George had already noticed before.There are other wheatgrass variants but DJ’s friend swore this particular one “really works.”

A week after drinking wheatgrass, DJ George felt a bit better.  That “something” in her throat, she said, lessened in size and she didn’t feel uncomfortable as much anymore unlike before when she wasn’t taking the natural health supplement.
This makes sense to me now. Because wheatgrass is alkaline, it tapers the acid and coats the esophagus down to the stomach with alkaline, thus addressing the lump problem in my throat.  

When I first drank Easy Pha-max wheatgrass (with honey), its smell reminded me of green tea.  I also drink Easy Pha-max wheatgrass pure but because I have a sweet tooth, I frequently drink the honey-flavored one,” she said.

DJ George continues to drink wheatgrass, twice daily, upon waking up and before sleeping.  

“Wheatgrass works!” she affirmed. She now sleeps flat on her back.

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