Friday, October 14, 2011

100% Filipino-made 10-in-Coffee especially made for Pinoys

For most Filipinos, breakfast will not be complete without a cup of  piping hot coffee. There are even others who can survive until lunch time by just drinking coffee--- brewed or instant.

Now comes a unique coffee experience for Filipinos. Moreishi 10-in-1 coffee is not your ordinary instant coffee because it combines coffee, non-dairy creamer, fructose, and seven premium herbs in one sachet.

Coffee lovers will surely love it because of its engaging taste and the health benefits that they can get from every cup they drink.

It’s the only BFAD-approved coffee in the market that uses seven of the 10 herbs recognized by the Department of Health as “medicinal plants.” Frequent drinking of Moreshi-10-in-1 Coffee improves one’s over-all health condition as it boosts the immune system to prevent diseases such as asthma, kidney stones, high blood pressure, rheumatism and even goiter.

Ginger enhances one’s respiratory system and kills TB germs while ginseng is a good antioxidant and promotes stamina. Reishi or red mushroom strengthens the immune system, lowers blood cholesterol and helps cleanse the body. Aside from its anti-inflammatory and anti-allergy properties, turmeric (luyang dilaw) prevents eye cataracts.

Sambong, a natural diuretic, regulates fluid retention of the body and helps treat kidney stones. Kelp (seaweed) which is rich in iodine prevents goiter and even hair loss. It also promotes healthy fingernails. Lastly, the herb gotu kola which promotes skin elasticity is a brain tonic herb which improves mental focus and memory.

Moreishi-10-in-1 coffee is exclusively distributed by Empower Marketing Inc. (, a 100 percent Filipino-owned company that advocates wellness using products made from indigenous plants.

The instant coffee was formulated by Filipino scientists and registered doctors from medicinal plants approved by the Department of Health as having been tested and clinically proven for their medicinal value.

Learn more about Moreishi 10-in-1 coffee and other Empower Marketing health products by visiting their website or calling them at 534-6702 to 04.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Want to see how your ‘live’ blood behaves?

CBC. Live blood analysis. They have become compulsory especially among job applicants. After all, the companies hiring them want to be assured they have a generally healthy workforce.

This September,  in various areas in Baguio City, a team of young brand ambassadors and registered nurses will show Baguio folks the first step to finding out if they are healthy or unwell through live blood analysis tests, or LBA for short.

The Easy Pha-max team will be at the Baguio Country Club (Sept. 1 to 3, 10am – 7pm) and at Aegis People Support (Sept. 2, 8pm onwards) to give free LBA to the young workforce and local residents and introduce  the company’s product line of healthy food supplements.

LBA is a health check that alerts anyone of potential disorders that could harm the person’s health in the long run if left untreated.

But then how can you have a condition treated if you don’t know you have it?

Blood determines a person’s health condition. A healthy blood maintains a pH  range of 7.35 – 7.45.  Beyond  that, our bodies become weaker because the body works doubly hard to bring the pH level back to normal. A pH level less than 7.35 also makes the body more prone to diseases. Unhealthy blood, which is caused by chemicals, poor diet, and stress,  lead to a more serious health condition.

Our blood carries important nutrients to the cells in the body for it to function properly. It helps eliminate wastes in the body by moving them to the kidney and liver.

The most common blood test is the Complete Blood Count (CBC). The problem with this test is that the blood cells extracted from the body die after 30 minutes, therefore the blood cells being analyzed in the lab are already dead.  It’s hard  to determine if the red and white blood cells  were performing their duties while inside the body.

Because of this, another blood test – the LBA -  is getting attention.

What is LBA?
Unlike the conventional blood test, LBA uses fresh blood making it easier to determine the blood’s behavior inside the body.  The live blood is examined under a microscope that is connected to a computer enabling patients to watch on a video monitor their blood moving around, while a medical professional or a trained nutritional microscopist is analyzing and explaining. You see exactly how your blood behaves inside your body. 

Does your blood move around  or does it stay rooted in one spot? Get yourself LBA'd by Easy Pha-max Phils. when it holds on-ground health activities in malls and BPOs. That way, you're on top of your health.

LBA test results shows the activity of red blood cells, the presence of bacteria or free radicals in the body, malabsorption of fats, presence of heavy metals in the body (i.e., mercury),  nutrient deficiencies  and toxicity in the body which cause certain diseases.

The LBA isn’t considered diagnostic. It gives an early warning of potential abnormal conditions like diabetes, heart attack, arthritis.

Anyone having the LBA test can,  on the spot,  learn from the attending medical personnel the proper health regime or get a medical referral.

To know more, call +632 890-1111 and speak to registered nurses and dietitians.

See you in Baguio!

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Makati Sports Club's 1st open tennis tourney

The Makati Sports Club launched last July 29 the 1st MSC Men's and Ladies' Open Tennis Tournament 2011 where 140 professional tennis players from all over the country have signed up to compete. 

This is the first time in its history that the Makati Sports Club has organized a sporting event for the country's professional tennis players and top collegiate players.    

“We are holding this tournament to promote the sport in the country,” MSC Comptroller Ron Limbo said during the opening.  Also, the recent short-lived stint of 18-year old netter Jeson Patrombon at the Wimbledon Junior Boys’ Singles Tournament motivated the club to run the tournament to prepare younger players to the rigors of local and international competitions.

Major sponsor is Easy Pha-max Phils. Inc. (EPPI), the country's leading distributor of  wheatgrass-based health products carrying their brand name in different forms - powder, tablets and ready-to-drink in cans.  Other sponsors include Firefly Lighting and tennis racquet maker Babolat.

The official tournament began August 1 and the championship games for the men and females divisions are scheduled on August 7.

The grand winner for the mens’ division will walk away with PhP22,000 while the champion in the female category will take home PhP10,000 cash. Cash prizes will be given to runner-up players and those who will reach round of 16, round of 8, quarterfinals, and semi-finals. Total consolation prizes at stake amount to Php 68,000. 

Expected to reach the finals in the male division include top-seeded players Johnny Arcilla, Elbert Anasta, PJ Tiemo, and Rolando Ruel Jr.  while the Patrimonio sisters Anna Christine and Anna Clarice, Marian Jade Capadocia, and Aileen Rogan are widely considered in the female division.
EPPI chair and CEO Edward Ling said the company's sponsorship abides by their advocacy for healthy lifestyles. In a brief interview, he said "We are strongly pushing for preventive healthcare. In every way we can, we encourage everyone to shift to a healthy lifestyle that includes eating healthy foods and increasing their physical activities like this one, playing tennis."

Limbo said the club has been been serving wheatgrass at its restaurant and dining rooms for some time now.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The musical 'Proudly Green: 100 years of La Salle' looks to next 100 years

The new and much talked-about musical ‘Proudly  Green’ with a cast of 100, tackles two messages that the 100-year old De La Salle University hopes its 180,000 students in its 17 campuses across the country must take to heart – better education and environment in the Philippines in the next 100 years.

Directed by multi-awarded director and La Salle alumnus Fritz Ynfante, the one-hour musical extravaganza done in lyric theater charts the university’s 100 year history from the time the Christian Brothers came to the country in 1911.

First shown last June 11, it will be re-staged on July 31 at the St. Benilde Gym at La Salle Greenhills, 4 pm and 8 pm.

Using existing music, the lyrics of which were improvised by advertising guru and La Salle professor Adie Pena, the show is a mix of Broadway, rock , gospel and a mashup of La Salle’s three different alma mater songs.

Despite the participation of seasoned theater performers Isay Alvarez and Robert Sena from Miss Saigon, Rannie Raymundo and JM Rodriguez, there are no main stars here. Fritz Ynfante wanted the story to be the star. The main characters are nine wingless angels representing the first nine Christian Brothers who came here and founded the school.

The angels who came down from heaven are the continuing thread because they re-tell the story.

Three acts break into three epochs that end in man-made disasters which show important milestones in the history of  La Salle and the country: 1911-1945 ends in World War 11 with the massacre in February 12, 1945 of the Christian brothers and people both young and old, 1946-1972 ends in Martial Law, 1973 to the present time talks about the future and compels audiences to think and be more caring about  education and the environment, La Salle’s two missions which are also universal concerns. Their deterioration is a threat that the university does not want to leave to the next generation.

Other history highlights include the first game between La Salle and Ateneo and the arrival of the first female students (coeds).

A riveting scene in one of the acts has two boys extending their arm to touch each other’s forefinger, embodying One La Salle. The boys represent an elite student and a student from the poorest La Salle campus.
One La Salle
Green, being the university’s color and a symbol of hope, is pervasive throughout the show. According to Adie, the green light and the resplendent green costume of Isay who portrays the Alma Mater songs, signify that the spirit of La Salle continues. He says, “We are talking about three generations who grew up with three different anthems, so that even if they are not familiar with the other songs, we are all green La Sallians.” 

Isay Alvarez is Alma Mater
‘Proudly Green: La Salle’s 100 Years’ was organized by the Grade School and High School Taft chapter of the De La Salle Alumni Association. Its re-staging is in response to the clamor by parents and students who have not  seen it yet. By showing it again, the DLSAA hopes to nurture among the next generation of students the Christian upbringing, spirituality and sound values began by the Brothers 100 years ago.
New challenges
Tickets are selling at P600 for reserved seating and P300 for students. For reservations, call Manny Blanco at 818-3021 and 819-3963 or the De La Salle Alumni Association at 523-6158 and 526-5612.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Cosplay goddesses Alodia and Ashley root for the Good Drink

Icons of the performance art known as cosplay,  sisters Alodia and Ashley Gosiengfiao – though opposite in temperament - have endeared themselves to millions of their young fans with their good-mannered yet  perky personalities, and of course, drop-dead gorgeous looks.
The lissome and artistic twosome got into cosplay in their early teens, collecting many awards in competitions here and abroad.  They’re now 23 and 21, still heavily into cosplaying,  lately venturing into  successful commercial endorsements  of  online games, fashion, telecoms, food and health drink.

Reflective and polite, the elder sister – Alodia -  who stands 5’4, placed 76th in the 2010 FHM 100 sexiest women poll. Another plaudit came her way when she was named one of the most influential women in the Philippines by a local glossy for inspiring many women to cosplay. 

At 5’5, younger sister Ashley or Ash is the sportier one and dabbles in photography which she does professionally despite only having learned it from the web. She plays the lead guitar for the all-girl band, Yes Ma'am (formerly known as Hymn of Siren), and even records her own songs and posts them on her blog. A tad naughtier, Ash even contemplates being a ‘yaya’ if she weren’t into cosplay or the arts. Don’t you just lurve her?

Their strong influence with the younger generation made them incontestable brand endorsers for the new Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass RTD, billed as the best health drink in the Philippines.  

“It’s perfectly blended and very convenient. Just the right amount of sweetness which I really love.  Just chill it, shake it well and you’re good to go,” Alodia said.

Younger sister Ashley added, "I’m into sports. I played volleyball from seventh grade to my fourth year in high school. I give importance to my health. When I drink a can in the morning, nawawala yung tamad vibe ko. As much as I want to be healthy, I don’t like vegetables. Good thing that with this RTD wheatgrass, I can do a lot of amazing things.” Ashley thinks she’s fat even if her legions of fans think otherwise.

Being health-conscious is not just for adults. Take it from cosplay goddesses Alodia and Ashley who swear they can change for the good by establishing a healthy lifestyle while still young.  Like balancing their diet with the Good Drink.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Take the Grasstig Ka Ba health challenge at Watsons

Malling offers a welcome respite from the heat, job stress, boredom.

When you go to the malls this summer, you can drink wheatgrass juice for its all-round health benefits and get a chance to win cool items from the ongoing Easy Pha-max Wheatgrass Grasstig Ka Ba Challenge.  

To join, just buy any of these Easy Pha-max products at select Watsons branches: 10+1 Value Pack, Wheatgrass Pure 30 sachets in a box, or Wheatgrass Honey 15 sachets in a box. 
Then go to the Grasstig Ka Ba Challenge booth and drink within five seconds one glass of Wheatgrass Honey  to win one of these items (you choose): a Certified Grasstig shirt, tumbler or umbrella.

Buying the Wheatgrass 10+1 Value Pack also entitles you to have a free live blood analysis (LBA) where trained nurses extract a tiny drop of blood from your finger tip.

On a monitor, you get to watch how your blood moves inside your body. The LBA test helps detect health conditions you may be suffering from. You will also know the level of acidity in your body.

Called  "super food", wheatgrass purifies the blood, flushes out toxins from the body, lowers blood pressure and helps relieve constipation.

Since it started on April 1, the Grasstig Ka Ba Challenge has been held at Watsons outlets in Gateway Mall, V- Mall Greenhills, Market Market, SM Fairview Hypermarket, SM City North Edsa, and SM Mall of Asia. You can catch its final leg on May 7 and 8 at Watsons stores in Festival Mall and SM Megamall.

Easy Pha-max Phils. Inc. is the country's leading distributor of wheatgrass-based health products.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Easy Pha-max opens 1st Lifestyle Center at SM MOA

The first Lifestyle Center of Easy Pha-max Philippines Inc. that gives Filipinos easy access to health resources in a relaxed setting opened at the SM Mall of Asia on January 20.

Easy Pha-max is the Philippines' leading distributor of wheatgrass-based health products.

Mall shoppers looking for other healthy lifestyle options will find them at the Lifestyle Center located on the 2nd level, south wing of SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  It is the first of several lifestyle health stores the company and its channel partners will put up across the country this year.

CEO Edward Ling said it is a one-stop shop for the company’s wheatgrass products that include Wheatgrass Pure, Wheatgrass with Honey, Bio Coffee, So Easy Colon Cleanse, Whea-gee (for kids), Bio Soy Milk, Skywheatgrass Plus, Insupro Forte (anti-diabetes), among others. Other products like Wheatgrass ready-to-drink (in can) will retail soon.
Incorporated on 28 November 2007, Easy Pha-max is a subsidiary of INS Bioscience which is engaged in the scientific research and development and commercialization of herbal remedies and bioscience products in Malaysia. Easy Pha-max is the only company that uses both the leaves and roots of the wheatgrass to get the maximum amount of proteins, minerals, enzymes and chlorophyll that neutralize toxins and restores alkalinity to the blood.

As such, the Lifestyle Center will give mall shoppers access, on any day, to antioxidant dietary supplements, health information and diagnostic screenings.

Mall shoppers can have their health check-ups from experienced nurses and dietitians using modern diagnostic tools like the Live Blood Analysis and Inner Body Scan which provide information on the body’s health condition.

The LBA identifies traces of cholesterol, uric acid and damaged cells in the blood. The Inner Body Scan on the other hand, shows the metabolic age and condition of the body. Exclusive Easy Pha-max merchandise like the “I Love Grass” shirts, umbrellas and other accessories are also being sold at the center.

The center is operated by artist Charles de Nava who runs Rotech Arts & Frames which provide contemporary artwork services in selected malls in Luzon. De Nava is one of the company's more than 500 accredited distributors. He operates 22 kiosks and carts scattered nationwide.

Ling said the Lifestyle Center aims to help Filipinos understand holistic wellness.

Edward Ling, Easy Pha-max Phils. CEO
 "Since day one of our operations four years ago, we’ve been in the business of motivating Filipinos towards leading healthy lifestyles. The Lifestyle Center is a wonderful opportunity for us to make healthcare more accessible. We are identifying locations in Metro Manila and in key cities in the country where we can achieve our company vision of transforming lives and communities by restoring people’s health,” he explained.

Ling clarified the Lifestyle Center will not replace clinics and hospitals. The company only wants to empower consumers to adopt healthy lifestyles by giving them access to the latest health information and products.

Easy Pha-max has tapped admired celebrities to endorse its wheatgrass products like ABS-CBN sportscaster/athlete Dyan Castillejo and actress/aerobic exercise instructor Jackie Lou Blanco. Their infomercials are showing on Cable TV in 14 cities across the country. In Metro Manila, the infomercial is screened daily on SkyCable 11 and Destiny Cable 3, 10pm – 12 midnight.  For more information about Easy Pha-max, visit

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