Tuesday, July 29, 2008

it's all geek to me!

How do I – a second-life starter – keep in step with these new media models / applications that are so skillfully utilized by today’s young ‘digital-savvy’ generation in managing their relationships (social networking) and communicating company messages and services?

Yes, traditional media – which is what I’m very confident at – is still very much in place and continue to be effective channels for reaching target audiences.

But if we (poke: 40 yo and above) want to continue to matter to our employer(s) and customers, we need to understand and work (play?) with the new digital media culture.

IPlay, SEO, imeem, digital storytelling, widgets and a host of others - they're all geek to me. Yet, the optimist in me compels me to network with the geeky community, wade through the NetGen’s supremacy of the interactive media, regardless of how fast or slow I can absorb and retain the new system of sharing and distributing information on the web and mobile gadgets.

How do i start? Janette Toral, a very good friend, clued me in on three events taking place on August 13-15 at the Hotel Intercon.

It's all geek to me! The 2nd Internet and Mobile Marketing Summit 2008, http://www.interactivesummit.com.ph/

The Boomerang Awards 2008, http://www.boomerangawards.com.ph/

Internet and Mobile Marketing Association of the Philippines (IMMAP), http://www.immap.com.ph/

The 3-day menu (see their URLs) will be a good educational treat for both netgens and boomers as we learn directly from the leading new media strategizers the processes with which to gather, understand information and decide how and where best to use the information.

It isn’t that I’m delaying getting older. But in the next 5 years, an ideal scenario for me is being very much a part of the digital generation. Where family, peers and business contacts will respect me for the digital mastery with which I can relay TV breaking news received on my mobile, find my way out of unfamiliar territory when traveling (GPS), pay overdue credit cards enroute to a critical business meeting, advise clients on which MMORGS to put their ads …and other future interactive services that telcos, search engines and application developers are now working on.

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