Friday, October 30, 2009

'Blogging from Home', in a class all by itself

This book review is a year overdue.

Rereading my friend Janette Toral's book became urgent when I was invited by the info team of a local government official to comment on the value of blogging in keeping constituents up to date with community projects and motivating them, especially the young into becoming action-oriented.

Most of the members of the info team admitted their lack of knowledge of information sharing on the Internet, apart from some of them having Facebook accounts. My familiarity with web collaboration tools is only a notch higher than theirs and so seized the occasion to have another look at "Blogging from Home".

Rereading the book took on a deeper dimension. The mindmap, blog registration and set up, blog performance, links, keywords, podcasts, vlogs, blog ethics, RSS are neatly sectioned and explained in simple English that there is simply no way to get muddled in the 92-page instructional guide.

It made it easy for me to prepare my talking points and turning them into weighty ones.

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Happy to hear that Ida. See you at the summit! =)

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