Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Simplify your Christmas shopping

For the festive crowd planning their Christmas shopping list and itinerary, the blog below is worth sharing. Irrespective of whether you're on a budget or intent on shopping like crazy.


A brilliant way to save on Christmas purchases

The countdown to Christmas has begun. It is two months away.
Mixed feelings from the young and grown-ups.
Great expectations for the perfect gift from the young. Meanwhile, the not-so-young are already saving and planning what to give.
Ah, the joy in Christmas shopping. When you don’t leave it to the last minute. And especially when you shop online, a burgeoning trend worldwide, because it can be done from your home and your office desk. No need to jostle with the Christmas crowd on the malls and in Divisoria.
Be among the world’s savvy shoppers and bargain hunters in cyberspace.  Make BUYanihan.com your Christmas shopping destination.
We can make your shopping experience simple, easy and painless this Christmas. We’ll take care of looking for that ‘something’ that gives long-lasting value. We’ll get that  ‘something’ at big markdown prices to help your Christmas budget go further.
What do we have, what will you choose and who will you surprise?
The kids, the other relatives, the boss, the BFFs, the neighbors, the customers, the companies down the hall that have always given your company a basket of Christmas goodies.
Check our site every day because we offer loads of fabulous bargains on popular products and unique Christmas gift ideas that suit any budget (including those with deep pockets).
Fine/casual dining, booze, mouth-watering festive food, theme parks, wellness and spas, body-beautiful treatments (yes!) and other must-have Christmas gifts for friends and business customers.
It’s simple to buy from us.
Sign up as member, fill up the information boxes, click buy on the Home Deal page, choose your payment method and complete the checkout process. Voila! We will email you the printable coupon which you can take to the store to redeem your purchase within its validity period.
To the best we can, we arrange with retailers between three and six months expiry dates.

So bring your Christmas spending on gifts and company giveaways ahead of the holidays.
See, no stress.
Happy holidays!

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