Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Want to see how your ‘live’ blood behaves?

CBC. Live blood analysis. They have become compulsory especially among job applicants. After all, the companies hiring them want to be assured they have a generally healthy workforce.

This September,  in various areas in Baguio City, a team of young brand ambassadors and registered nurses will show Baguio folks the first step to finding out if they are healthy or unwell through live blood analysis tests, or LBA for short.

The Easy Pha-max team will be at the Baguio Country Club (Sept. 1 to 3, 10am – 7pm) and at Aegis People Support (Sept. 2, 8pm onwards) to give free LBA to the young workforce and local residents and introduce  the company’s product line of healthy food supplements.

LBA is a health check that alerts anyone of potential disorders that could harm the person’s health in the long run if left untreated.

But then how can you have a condition treated if you don’t know you have it?

Blood determines a person’s health condition. A healthy blood maintains a pH  range of 7.35 – 7.45.  Beyond  that, our bodies become weaker because the body works doubly hard to bring the pH level back to normal. A pH level less than 7.35 also makes the body more prone to diseases. Unhealthy blood, which is caused by chemicals, poor diet, and stress,  lead to a more serious health condition.

Our blood carries important nutrients to the cells in the body for it to function properly. It helps eliminate wastes in the body by moving them to the kidney and liver.

The most common blood test is the Complete Blood Count (CBC). The problem with this test is that the blood cells extracted from the body die after 30 minutes, therefore the blood cells being analyzed in the lab are already dead.  It’s hard  to determine if the red and white blood cells  were performing their duties while inside the body.

Because of this, another blood test – the LBA -  is getting attention.

What is LBA?
Unlike the conventional blood test, LBA uses fresh blood making it easier to determine the blood’s behavior inside the body.  The live blood is examined under a microscope that is connected to a computer enabling patients to watch on a video monitor their blood moving around, while a medical professional or a trained nutritional microscopist is analyzing and explaining. You see exactly how your blood behaves inside your body. 

Does your blood move around  or does it stay rooted in one spot? Get yourself LBA'd by Easy Pha-max Phils. when it holds on-ground health activities in malls and BPOs. That way, you're on top of your health.

LBA test results shows the activity of red blood cells, the presence of bacteria or free radicals in the body, malabsorption of fats, presence of heavy metals in the body (i.e., mercury),  nutrient deficiencies  and toxicity in the body which cause certain diseases.

The LBA isn’t considered diagnostic. It gives an early warning of potential abnormal conditions like diabetes, heart attack, arthritis.

Anyone having the LBA test can,  on the spot,  learn from the attending medical personnel the proper health regime or get a medical referral.

To know more, call +632 890-1111 and speak to registered nurses and dietitians.

See you in Baguio!

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