Monday, June 11, 2012

Pole dance your way to fitness & good abs

Kittens. Tigers. That’s how students at Polecats - the country's premier pole dancing group - are called.  

Last June 2 at the AFP Theater in Camp Aguinaldo (Quezon City), the Polecats Kittens and Tigers proudly showed their command of pole dancing and their sensuality while spinning around dance poles. 

They were performing at their recital billed Stellar 2.

Like their namesakes, the Polecats moved with strength, agility and stealth-like speed as they crawled up and down the dance poles and spun around like crazy.

These are the good and sexy results of attending at least eight weeks of classes, learning pole dancing moves like floorwork, grabs, holds, hooks, spins, ankle and feet climbs, slides, transitions.

The nimble moves become inevitable for many and especially for the young.
The not-so-young can do it as long as they don't let go of their aspirations for physical fitness or revive their sex appeal.

Stellar 2 was Polecats' second successive year of putting the spotlight on their students who rose to the challenge of  "pushing their limits beyond boundaries.” 

Perfect ballet split by Stellar 2 project head Mara Andres

It was about feeling healthy and being proud about themselves. Also hot and sexy (according to this blogger)!

(foreground, standing, center) Polecats founder Christina Dy

Stellar 2 performers - beginners, intermediate, professionals
A Polecats dance instructor, Margaret Jade Chua Lao
Polecats is located at Strata 100, F. Ortigas Jr. St. in the Ortigas central business district.

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