Wednesday, August 15, 2012

The grass is greener in PH for Kitty Girl

She’s very pretty, one of the lovable faces in PH showbiz. Her Brit accent makes her even more appealing to her fans.
Many describe her as a dead ringer for Megan Fox and at certain angles, of Jessie J. 

So, what keeps former Kitty Girl lead singer Jocelyn Rose Oxlade busy and peppy these days?

Wil Time Big Time
This 24 year-old half Pinay, half-Brit hip hop singer is seen every Saturday singing and dancing on TV-5's Wil Time Big Time. She's also collaborating with some producers on her solo projects, including a solo album tentatively called Living Doll expected to be released in December this year.

Pretty soon, most likely in October, we’ll see her as Anne Curtis’ sosyalera and fashionista friend in Viva Film’s “Nothing Compares to You”.  The movie also stars another Brit-Pinoy, Derek Ramsey.

Owing to her unpredictable and frequent out-of-town engagements, she often wakes up at 5 a.m.  At other times, she only gets to sleep at sunrise. She admitted she's not used to smoky places, the late nights, the frenzied schedule of rehearsals and hosting gigs.
Impeccable hosting
"Anything I can do to benefit my health and the condition of my body, I’m game. I read on the Internet that drinking wheatgrass can increase your energy and stamina. I would see the Easy Pha-max wheatgrass kiosks in the malls making me all the more curious about it. I chose it because it’s a trusted one … with Super Brand recognition and other awards. I’ve been hooked on this green juice for over a year now,” she said.

Following dietitians’ advice, she drinks wheatgrass first thing in the morning for that immediate energy burst.
“The first time I drank it, I was expecting to at least catch a cold but the wheatgrass kept my energy up. I felt it also helped my voice stay in good condition. I like the honey-flavored one, it's not overly sweet. After drinking it, I feel refreshed and energized,” she cooed.

The best way to absorb its nutrients is when it’s taken on an empty stomach because it’s the only food that the colon is digesting at that time. Taking wheatgrass with a meal would interfere in the efficient absorption of its nutrients.

Born and raised in England, this Kitty Girl moved to the Philippines in 2005 after finishing her A-levels in Psychology, Biology and Chemistry. She wanted to know more about her mom’s Filipino heritage.

The close-knit Oxlades
Seven years later, Jocelyn has found her heart and fulfillment in the Philippines. And robust health. 

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